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My Services

I offer a consulting service where I meet with owners in their homes and walk through, room by room, offering suggestions on how each space can be improved and staged for photographs and showings. I give guidance on furniture arrangement and all décor choices and placement: from built-ins to artwork and accessories, home organization, de-cluttering and storage solutions, plus any necessary repairs or maintenance.  


I carry the full Benjamin Moore color kit so I can advise on color choices for any painting projects and can color match existing colors if needed.  Where possible I try to work with what the home owner already has but will provide specific suggestions for any purchases.  


I usually provide the home owner with a detailed report in a checklist format within 2 or 3 days of the meeting.  I also help home owners with preparing their home for the all important photographs.

Aside from the above what I really pride myself on is being able to make a connection with the home owner, whatever the sale price of their home and whatever their reason for selling.  My relationship with the client is key in helping them understand what needs to be done and the benefits of home staging. To achieve a successful outcome I make sure I am available, every step of the way, addressing any questions or concerns, my client might have, right up to the day of photographs.

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